Books: Amelia Bishop

Here is a list of the stories I’ve written as Amelia Bishop:

The Raven & His Selkie is my newest release, a paranormal Romance between – yes – a raven and a selkie 🙂 My invented “raven” man is the a child of a Harpy & a human. He can leap or jump very far, enjoys collecting information, and loves his ‘team’ who have become a sort of found family to each other. In this story, our main characters fall fast into a fated-mate attraction, and this book is about their journey to an emotional connection.

The Raven & His Selkie is available on Amazon, and is in the KU program


More Than Love is a Contemporary m/m Romance. It’s about a cop and his ex-boyfriend who rekindle their love. It’s a quiet story, but full of sweetness. At the heart, this love story is all about trust, and the risks that come from giving someone your heart.

More than Love is available at:  AmazonPayHip • Barnes & NoblekoboScribd 


My m/m/m story Uncharted Hearts is a story about sailors who are not-quite-pirates, but definitely shady. There’s a shipwreck, a deserted island, and a lot of sexy-times! It is set in 1795 but it is not about how horrible it was to be a gay man in the eighteenth century, so if you’re looking for taboo-sex this isn’t the book for you. If you want a fun polyamory romance that ends happily, give it a try!

Uncharted Hearts is available at:  Amazon • Barnes & Noblekobo 

My contemporary paranormal Romance Night Vision is about a Strige (a kind of vampire that feeds on emotions instead of blood) who falls in love with a human. In this book, I was thinking a lot about the typical paranormal romance tropes, and how in reality people would be much more reluctant to commit to a creature forever. I hope it is also a fun, sexy, entertaining read.

Night Vision is available on Amazon

possible ww

Water Witch is a contemporary Paranormal Romance, featuring a witch and a Fae. When I was writing this story, I was thinking about what makes a person “grow up” and how that change really depends upon things NOT going according to plan. How do you ever become a responsible, self-sufficient adult without first going through some tough times? This is a pretty light, fun story (I hope) but also deals with those issues.

Water Witch is available at:  Amazon • Barnes & Noblekobo • apple 

Bound is a story I wrote for the Goodreads mm Romance group’s “Don’t Read in the Closet” 2014 Love’s Landscapes event. This is a BDSM story, but maybe not a typical one. It is light, and fairly “vanilla,” but I think there are a lot of ways to engage in BDSM play, and not all of them involve whips and chains and torture. Sometimes, a power exchange based on love and trust and mutual pleasure can be just as powerful as a more intense scene. I hope so, anyway! It features a wheelchair bound submissive, a very gentle and loving Dom, and ends in a HEA.

Bound is available for FREE at: Goodreads mm group • Amazon • 


Love You Forever is a contemporary Romance, spanning a long time frame. It is perhaps not the most idealized love story, you might even call Cole & Rick’s relationship dysfunctional, but true love comes in many flavors, does it not? There is a slight paranormal/fantasy kick to this one (as per my usual), but pretty much Contemporary. I’m calling it “magical realism.” It is about making promises and keeping them, and about loving someone despite flaws and past mistakes.

Love You Forever is available at: Amazon • PayHip • Barnes & Noblekobo



My contemporary romance, Out of the Woods, is a story about fate. About how the little decisions you make without much thought can change the course of your life. And, as usual, it is also about falling in love and living happily ever after.

Out of the Woods is available at: Amazon   • Barnes & Noble 

cover lnd_thb

Love Next Door is a sweet (and funny, sort of) contemporary romance. I got the idea for this story on my daily dog-walks around my neighborhood. You know how you see the same people every day? Some of them you know by name and others just by face. I started to think…what are their lives like, these people who I don’t really know? What might they secretly desire? And what kind of dramatic event would it take to discover those secrets? This is about two guys who know each other, and have a very “bumpy ride” sort of friends-to-lovers story to tell.

Love Next Door is available at: Amazon • Barnes&NobleiTuneskobo

I’ve recently unpublished these older titles:

Covertmb thumb

It’s possible I might re-release them someday, but I have no plans to do so anytime soon. If you’ve seen these covers kicking around (they are probably still up on goodreads) and were wondering what happened, that is what. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Books: Amelia Bishop

  1. A gathering of readers wondered if you appropriated biker activist and author W.T. “RoadBlock” Harrell’s name to cash in on his popularity, since your reviewers feel that the title “RoadBlock” has nothing to do with the book. Would you care to weigh in on that? I had never heard of the trend of hijacking someone else’s search by giving your product a similar name, but they assure me it’s done. Otherwise, where DID the title come from? You seem to be too grounded to try such a cheap ploy. Help me win this bet. 🙂

    • Wow! I have never heard of this “RoadBlock” Harrell, I am sorry to admit. And unfortunately, that is my least popular title, so if there were any gains to be made on the similarity, I’ve seen none. 😦 But then, I’m not sure how significant the market overlap is between biker activists and fans of m/m romance.
      My story is a paranormal romance about witches. In the book, a “road-block” is constructed using supernatural powers (sounds corny to say it, but that’s what I wrote I guess, lol) on the road leading to their home. In one scene, a car runs into the roadblock and flips over. The road-block also serves to protect the witches from discovery by their enemies. So in that way, the title was quite literal and pretty simple.
      I also meant it to refer, in a less straightforward way, to the mental and informational “blocks” the protagonists face in their quest to discover the truth about the prophecy they are fulfilling.
      Thank you for visiting my blog, and for bringing your question to me! I really appreciate your faith in my motivation 🙂

  2. Thank you for your prompt reply. It was a bizarre “collision of worlds” that fans of your genre happened across the title and cover while searching for RoadBlock’s newest book. I wish you could have seen them. There is so much fan-fiction in the biker genre because of Sons of Anarchy (bleh) that they swore you had written a fan-fiction story about RoadBlock. I told them that you wrote far too well for fan- fiction, and the odds were against you knowing who he was, but they wouldn’t let up. They have come to expect the worst because of some of the tactics on Amazon, and felt there had to be a connection.. If only they had run across the version with the leaping boy on the cover, but then I wouldn’t have won ten dollars from the writers’ club kitty, and NOW they are free to read and enjoy your books. Best wishes to you. You write well and your blog is incredibly grounded and enjoyable.

  3. I came across a sample of Take Me Back on my Kindle app recently. I read it, and now it looks like I’m in perpetual limbo since the book is out of publication. Sigh. Woe is me.

    • Oh no! Well, if you want to read it, let me know your email (either by replying here or send me a message at ameliabishop at and I’ll send you a download code. 🙂

  4. Hi! On a whim today I was looking through my library and came across your book Taming The Fox, and after I had finished it I decided to read the preview of RoabBlock. I was getting really into it and I came across this page while I was searching for a way to buy it. I’m sad to learn that you had these two titles and a few others unpublished, but would love to know if you have any intention of putting some titles back up in the future (especially RoadBlock) because I thoroughly enjoyed what I have read from you just today. I hope this finds you well and I am eager to read some of your other titles in the near further.

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