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I realize it is unlikely anyone actually cares about me, the individual. They might (hopefully?) care about my books, though, so that is what this ‘about me’ page is about.

I write Romance and erotica, most often with LGBT characters. Sometimes I write stories set in history, or alternate-universes. Sometimes I write paranormal, and sometimes realistic contemporary. No matter what, though, my stories always have happy endings.

If you love strong, hot, alpha guys, you probably don’t want to read my romances. Not that I have a problem with the special-forces soldier or the super-buff bear-shifter. I like those kinds of characters, too! I just don’t write them. And I don’t think I ever will. My men are softer, more sensitive, maybe less confident. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they mess up and do things they shouldn’t. Sometimes they doubt themselves.

You know that old advice: “write the book you want to read?” That is the advice I write by. Which means I write stories about bi & gay men who are not ashamed to be so and I put them in situations where their sexuality is not a source of conflict for them. I love to find the magic in the mundane, and so my characters are regular people who are worth knowing even if they lack superpowers or other-worldly good looks. And it turns out ‘the books I want to read’ also have explicit sex, and super sweet happy endings.

Basically, I write stories about people falling in love. If that sounds good to you, I hope you will check them out!

I write m/m romance as Amelia Bishop, and erotica (usually m/m/f because menage is awesome!!) as AC Bishop.

If you DO actually care about me as an individual, I am super easy to connect with! Be my friend on facebook,  twitter, instagram, pinterest, or send me an email.

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